Bambi Weavil leads companies and non-profits to forge and implement strategic communications and growth in cause-related and social media marketing campaigns by advising, developing, implementing and leading winning marketing strategies in fast-paced environments.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Bay Ragni
Totally Driven Radio & Entertainment

I have known Bambi and her work for years, and for some reason I hesitated a few years to reaching out to her for my website. Dumb move on my part, once I finally did it elevated my website to being a real online presence and I was able to not feel embarrassed about what it looked like it anymore. She helped me and explained things to me every step of the way and I can never thank her enough for making my site what it should have been from the beginning. Don’t make the same dumb move I did, talk with Bambi before wasting precious time and get it done right the first time!!

I am writing this letter to recommend Bambi Weavil for your marketing/public relations/social media needs. Bambi’s clients put a lot of trust in her, and for good reason. In 2012, on short notice, I called her for a contact for retired professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, whose real-life yoga system had taken a life of its own during the lead-up to the CM Punk-Chris Jericho WrestleMania match.

Bambi’s quick work on a weekend day allowed me to get in touch with Page right before he left for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The result was an exclusive story on WrestleMania Sunday.

I am confident Bambi will put the same level of diligence into anyone else’s project that she put into my situation.

Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart

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April Hunter
Owner, April Hunter, Inc.

I hired Bambi Weavil on the recommendation of a friend and wasn’t disappointed. I was looking for help in managing my website and expanding my name and brand.

She is an absolute miracle worker with social networking and SEO! She got me out there much more, increased my audience, taught me how to expand even further and was there for help day AND night.

We have worked with Bambi Weavil for several events that she has coordinated and directed for Out Impact. We hold her in the absolute highest regard. Bambi has always demonstrated her ability to lead. We have always been able to count on her to make the events successful.

In short, it has been a distinct pleasure to have worked with Bambi Weavil and we are able to make this recommendation without any reservations whatsoever.

Tammy Winner

Tammy Winner
Manager, Winner Party Boats, Carolina Beach, NC

Jim Carden

jim Carden
Co-Owner, Floyd Eats, The Bell House and Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

My experiences working with Bambi Weavil have surpassed my expectations.

I worked with Bambi Weavil as a contract social media and marketing strategist for Floyd Beer Cheese and our two Brooklyn, NY music venues, The Bell House and Union Hall for months. Bambi focused on marketing, media and social media outreach, event brand elevation, and unique content creation.

With Floyd Beer Cheese, we elevated the brand in new markets in Texas, Michigan and Ohio. During Bambi’s 4 months with Floyd Beer Cheese, we have obtained 76% new visits in site traffic.

With all three of our companies, Bambi was able to help advise and strategize for new relationships in media and identifying potential partnerships and business opportunities, as well as focus on new methods of selling event tickets to drive ticket sales.

Bambi executes her expertise with integrity, professionalism and hard work, and I’d highly recommend her for your marketing with enthusiasm and without hesitation.

Bambi Weavil is a creative, hard working, and dedicated event planner.  I had the pleasure of working with her on a very successful Out Impact concert in Wilmington, NC.  She was organized and detail oriented and did a fantastic job of promoting the event to the community.  In addition, the event was a fundraiser for Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center and successfully raised funds and awareness for the organization.  Bambi is a pleasure to work with because of her warm personality and her care and concern for others and making a difference through her work.  I recommend her highly and would be honored to work with her again in the future.”

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Kyler England
Independent Artist, Singer/Songwriter


Courtney Rougeau
Past Publicist, Vantage Press, Inc.

Bambi is one of the most hard-working, passionate, intelligent, individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I worked with Bambi to promote and publicize “Respecting Autism,” and due to Bambi’s dedication and conviction, the project was a huge success. Bambi is exactly who you want to work alongside with, as she extremely driven and motivated, a wonderful leader, and truly believes in the work she does. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Bambi again in the future.

Bambi is one of the most professional people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She is a master at keeping track of and working on multiple projects and everyone involved. I am currently working on a project with her, and would certainly work with her again in the future.

video editor

Juan Barinas
Freelance Video Editor

socia media marketing

Ross Widham

Working with Bambi this past summer has been a pleasant experience as I have learned many different ways of researching and communicating from her expertise in the marketing area. She leaves no stone unturned in her parent outreach and is never afraid to bring her advice to the table. Bambi has a need for perfection in all of her work and shows it through website development, school write-ups, and client acquisition. In addition to all the work she does in the office, Bambi travels to all the schools dealing with television media, acting as the liaison to the corporate office. Any company would be lucky to have Bambi on their team. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me!

I had the great pleasure of working with Bambi in her role with Met Schools on a performance improvement initiative to improve enrollment management systems. I found Bambi to be responsive, open minded, goal-oriented and practical. She has a fantastic attitude, and showed great leadership in implementing ideas and changes that made a real impact for the business. I’d highly recommend her and love to work with her again.

business strategist

Shane Sparks
COO of Enrollment Resources