Comprehensive SEO Services For B2B And B2C

Outstanding SEO Services Start With An Outstanding Team

Bambi Weavil offers you the benefit of our team’s experience: we’ve put together a top-tier, US-based digital marketing team, composed of 35 individuals who are dedicated to delivering results. As we build out your campaign, we’ll draw on the expertise of ten strategists, twenty content creators and five dedicated link builders. This is a scalable team that hits the ground running and provides you with a meticulously planned and executed SEO campaign. Whether you need to make noise locally or burst onto the national scene, Bambi Weavil’s SEO team offers the size and knowledge to ensure top performance.

A Look Under the Hood

Our SEO services begin with our trademark SEO audit, that discovers and analyzes the current state of your website and your related web assets. Then we prioritize and rapidly deploy our recommendations so you can receive immediate benefits. Finally, we’ll take steps to ensure that Google will find these changes quickly, so you can look forward to improved search engine rankings and conversions.
Here’s how we make it happen:

On-Site SEO

  • We start by conducting key phrase research, to help us understand what people are searching for right now, in your niche. Then we map these key phrases to your pages. We’ll also add calls to action to drive users to conversion. The key phrases are added as natural complements to the page, and they help build relevance and visibility for your content.
  • Then, we’ll update the HTML code and on-page copy on your website by installing key phrases in natural and prominent positions. Each page will be optimized for a unique key phrase. In this way, Google will be signaled that a particular page is about one main theme. Our campaigns will usually feature 5-10 key phrases, with a corresponding number of URLs on your site that we will optimize. The HTML titles and meta descriptions for each page will be displayed in search engine results when people search for your goods and services, like this:

  • Our writers will add several hundred words of copy to each page that we optimize. This copy will expand the discussion you have within your present copy, and if there is no copy on a page, our writers will create new copy that draws from research and sources on your site. Bambi Weavil’s search engine optimized copy reads like good marketing copy, without the stiffness that can come from overindulging in key phrase placement.
  • Next, we’ll ensure that all pages we optimize contain compelling calls to action, featuring the relevant key phrase for the page.
  • We will interlink the pages (where warranted) to provide a meaningful path through the site for human users and search engines.

Link Building Campaigns

Google treats links like votes for your website. These votes can really add up to search engine ranking (and traffic driving) success. Bambi Weavil’s link builders don’t do link building as a sideline; it’s their specialty. They know how to:

  • Reach out to potential link prospects;
  • Judge what makes a good, relevant link that adds value to your portfolio;
  • Get your site added to some of the best local directories & niche sites, so you can be more easily found by your target audience.

Through our link specialists’ extensive experience, cutting-edge link building tools, and their knowledge of a variety of industry verticals, you’ll soon have a much more relevant, diverse and valuable link portfolio that can help you rank for your mission critical keywords.

And here’s a bonus: Bambi Weavil’s award-winning social media services can amplify all the content we create for you, so it reaches your audience on the social platforms they prefer. We enlist social media to help spread the word and link back to your site. Now that’s Integrated Marketing!

Better Results Come from Better Marketing

All of our SEO services contribute to our holistic digital marketing solution: no siloing, like you might see with some agencies. We live and breathe Integrated Digital Marketing, so the best practice SEO principles we build into your campaigns, we also follow in every other aspect of your project. The entire Bambi Weavil digital marketing team works together to ensure the consistency necessary for success. We don’t believe in fads or quick fixes – our campaigns stand the test of time and grow traffic and conversions as they mature.

Outstanding digital marketing certainly does depend on an outstanding SEO team. Don’t just ‘do SEO’ – get it done with Bambi Weavil!