Case Studies

Bambi Weavil is known for her drive to help companies and non-profits succeed and thrive. She leverages her comprehensive social marketing skill set to consistently produce high-quality results. Bambi knows how to leverage limited resources to achieve goals.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study: Media For Wellbotics

After consulting with Wellbotics®, a non-profit that delivers pop up makerspaces to cancer care communities and other safe spaces, we provided the following media placements from February to August 2019, which resulted in a potential audience of over 863,000 listeners and readers.



Google Adwords Case Study: RoofCrafters

Category:  Residential and Commercial Roofing



RoofCrafters has been a long-time client of Bambi Weavil, and has become the residential and commercial roofing leader in Southern Coastal SC, Coastal Georgia, and Northern Florida by making their customer experience the focus of their process.

The Challenge:

We built a new marketing directive from the ground up, focusing on Google Ads.


To get more qualified meetings, we are focusing on Lead Generation exclusively through e-mail direct marketing and LinkedIn messaging campaigns.


  • Garnered a 2,757% increase in ROI
  • With less than $7,000 spent, we had an investment gain of $193,000 in the first month.
  • During this period, we were able to obtain over 200 thousand dollars in revenue for Tampa
    Bay alone.
  • Drove conversion costs as low as $103 per lead.


In January of 2019, we launched a Google Ads campaign for a new RoofCrafters location in Tampa Bay, Florida. Having zero marketing efforts for the Tampa Bay location prior to the
deployment of Google Ads, we garnered a 2,757% increase in ROI in the month of January 1st to February 1st, yielding a total of over $200 thousand in revenue for the company. With custom
crafted campaigns targeted by a geographic radius and tightly focused segmentations, we were able to drive the average cost per conversion to a $103 per lead.

Lead Generation Case Study – Totally Pregnant Mobile App

Category:  Pregnancy Mobile App

Business:  Totally Pregnant mobile app by Totali

Totally Pregnant provides a white label, customizable pregnancy experience for our customers. Totally Pregnant is a award-winning app for today’s connected, on the go, mom-to-be. Forbes Magazine calls Totally Pregnant “one of the top ten Health-Tech companies changing the world”. The app presents weekly video and content updates as moms move through their pregnancy, bringing them back 160 times or 4 times per week. Their 13 existing customers leverage that level of engagement to support existing patients in finding and using services, remind patients about things they should be doing, and reach out to new potential patients.  Outreach doesn’t just stop with the app. The app and it’s support of pregnant moms is closely tied with social media marketing within their customer’s geography.

The Challenge:

Lack of strategy for generating leads to gain appointments with key contacts in hospitals in healthcare in the United States.


To get more qualified meetings, we are focusing on Lead Generation exclusively through e-mail direct marketing and LinkedIn messaging campaigns.


In 2018, we achieved in the healthcare industry with hospitals, achieving $765,000 in potential deals with 54 potential hospitals.

Floyd Beer Cheese / Floyd Eats

Brand: Food

We focused on Social Media Outreach, Event Brand Elevation, Unique Content Creation and Media Outreach.


  • 76% new visits during social media and media campaign.
  • During this period, we had more media coverage during any other period previous in Floyd Beer Cheese history.
  • We obtained seven media outlet coverage including Gothamist, in Plano, Fox 5 NY, and Village Voice: Folk in the Road.
  • We elevated the brand in new markets in Texas, Michigan and Ohio.

Reference from Co-Owner, Jim Carden:
“My experiences working with Bambi Weavil have surpassed my expectations.

I worked with Bambi Weavil as a contract social media and marketing strategist for Floyd Beer Cheese and our two Brooklyn, NY music venues, The Bell House and Union Hall for months.

Bambi focused on marketing, media and social media outreach, event brand elevation, and unique content creation.

With Floyd Beer Cheese, we elevated the brand in new markets in Texas, Michigan and Ohio. During
Bambi’s 4 months with Floyd Beer Cheese, we have obtained 76% new visits in site traffic.

With all three of our companies, Bambi was able to help advise and strategize for new relationships in media and identifying potential partnerships and business opportunities, as well as focus on new methods of selling event tickets to drive ticket sales.

Bambi executes her expertise with integrity, professionalism and hard work, and I’d highly recommend her for your marketing with enthusiasm and without hesitation.”