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Bambi loves new challenges and exceeding expectations, collaborating with diverse personalities as well as her natural ability to network and build new relationships long-after a campaign’s conclusion. Bambi is adept at building, managing, and motivating teams nationwide and internationally.


Masters of Ring Entertainment

Bambi Weavil designed Masters of Ring Entertainment’s website. Please visit their website at

Fishing With Special Friends

Fishing With Special Friends

Bambi Weavil designed Fishing With Special Friends’ website. Please visit their website at

Totally Driven Entertainment

Bambi Weavil designed Totally Driven Entertainment’s website. Please visit their website at

Mirabella’s Miracle

Bambi Weavil designed Mirabella’s Miracle’s website. Please visit their website at

Jazzbo, Inc.

Jazzbo, Inc.

Interior Designer in New York City and Miami, FL

We redesigned their website at


Bambi Weavil

We continually update our own website, Our most recent web design refresh was on early 2018.


Feministing is an online publication and community-based sites for feminists and their allies:  Bambi Weavil: Out Impact (Feministing)

Guts. Glam. Grace

Guts. Glam. Grace is a national online publication that gives a voice to positive and forward-thinking modern, multi-faceted women of all backgrounds: Guts.Glam.Grace:  Bambi Weavil: Stepping Out and Making an Impact

Wilmington Star News

in-depth article on CEO/President of Out Impact, Inc., Bambi Weavil: “Coming Out Can Be A Worthy Challenge” (article – online version)

Stephanie Castagnier: Staying Focused and Following Her Passion

Here is our candid conversation about her experience on The Apprentice, losing both her parents to AIDS growing up in Canada, overcoming adversity by turning fear into fire, and what inspires her today.