New Instagram Feature To Grow Your Business

Instagram has added a completely new feature on its social media platform for you and your business to stay connected to your local community and support your business in these challenging situations.

For retail stores and food-related businesses such as restaurants, this feature allows you to share your digital gift cards and the option to order food directly on the Instagram story option of Instagram. Using this new feature to share your business through social media helps many people interested in taking action from your story directly.

This new way of growing your business using social media helps many people reach out even in these challenging conditions. 

You can add photos of your featured items, for example, to appeal to your current and potential customers. It also allows current and potential customers to reshare your story in their social media network so that you can reach out to a larger audience. You can also add new interactive stickers in a story to help you communicate these updates in a fun and engaging way; this will encourage the viewers to reshare your content.

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