Jennifer Aniston ‘Sex Tape’ Goes Viral: YouTube and Viral Video Success Lessons

Very smart branding this week done by SmartWater by hiring Jennifer Aniston for their latest video spot, called “Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral.” The video has since gone viral on YouTube (currently over 7,800,000 views). This is a great example of being creative, using celebrity endorsement, playing off the celebrity’s popularity, using humor as the communication vehicle, and even poking fun at the ‘what can make a video, viral’ process (controversy, being sexy, being funny, hiring a celebrity, and calling it a celebrity sex tape).

Make your video campaign memorable by using some of these points of success when trying to market your brand to a new audience. It is also important to create a viral video that compliments your brand’s marketing message.

The only thing I would have done differently is I would have used other social media platforms such as their Twitter and Facebook in the video itself (for example: having Aniston say ‘wait, we should Tweet this!’ or have one of the Internet “boys” say ‘look, it’s already trending on Twitter’ would have worked), as well as use them to push the video now in conjunction with their YouTube channel, to encourage fans to stay updated with their product in real-time.

Does it meet that criteria? What did you think of the video? Feel free to leave your comments below!