A New Testimonial Endorsement from Bo Dean!

It is a deep honor to receive a new testimonial endorsement from my long-time friend, Bo Dean. Bo is one of the greatest and long-time leaders in the non-profit and activism communities in Wilmington, NC…to say I think highly of him is putting is a understatement:

“It is an honor to write about Bambi Weavil. Throughout the decade of activism and work in Wilmington,

I have seen members of the Wilmington community come and go with efforts to create change with little to no effect. Generally those who wish to be involved do so until it becomes too much of a challenge or in imposes on their own careers or lives. Not Bambi Weavil. From the time she was a student at UNCW, Bambi embraced what it means to be a true change agent: integrity, honesty, and the ability not only to carry a message, but to live that message. The old adage “walk the talk” is personified in everything that Bambi does. Nothing that she asks of others she is not willing to do herself. She has also capitalized on her degree from UNCW and utilized this to branch out into her own business that has made an impact (pun intended) on the world around here…beginning with the community where she began her work. A community in need of education internally and externally. In a time when we are looking for role models of those who truly are about the work of others and championing the work of those who are underserved and still marginalized, it is people like Bambi Weavil who have dedicated their lives to not only telling the truth and the real stories of the struggle, but sharing the victory and the reality of the best of who and what we are…all of us! I thank God everyday for Bambi.”

– L.S. “Bo” Dean

Honors Scholars Program Manager, Recruitment and Retention Specialist at UNC-Wilmington

Paul Harris Fellow-Wilmington Central Rotary