"Hard Working, Loyal and Passionate about her work!"

"Bambi is one of those rare people in the world who cares to the point of near-obsession. She works hard. Harder than almost anyone I know. And she totally and completely walks the walk. I think the world of her."

"Creativity, Drive and RESULTS! Bambi is passionate about the world around her as well as the issues that affect the core of equality and fairness for all. She is witty, she is driven and her unfailing ability to focus on the positive is something that draws in everyone around her."

"Bambi is warm, wonderful, and a GO GETTER. She is one to watch."

"Bambi is one of a kind. She is smart, caring and dedicated. She has inspired me to become more active in my community and is always there to support those around her both professionally and personally. This might sound corny but it’s completely TRUE: Bambi leads with love. What an inspiration she is!"