"Bambi is an innovative, high energy, and most importantly, effective Marketing and Communications Manager. She was in charge of the award winning campaign to promote my book, Respecting Autism, and is singlehandedly responsible for the book's widespread publicity and readership. She arranged public appearances for me that I would not have been offered otherwise, and generally managed all the details of the campaign, on a conservative budget. I highly recommend her."

"Never before have I seen someone execute and as driven as Bambi. While working at EscapeArtist, Bambi drove a number of marketing initiatives that propelled the organization forward. Its very easy for a Director of Marketing to focus on strategy, but Bambi not only worked on strategy, but executed. She was never afraid of getting her hands dirty and getting involved. Bambi remained very relevant and current on Social Media trends and applied new approaches toward generating new business and promoting products and services. I would say Bambi is great at strategy and delivering results in a marketing, public relations and social media role."

"Throughout the time working with a local client in Wilmington in developing their web presence, Bambi was a delightful person to work together with. We synchronized perfectly on each step of the project, with each one notifying the other upon every change. She strove to deliver results far above what was expected of her, and did everything she could to provide great client relations, and excellent support. Amazing Social Media expert, would love to work with again."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Bambi Weavil on multiple media projects as part of the Out Impact and Out Impact Radio. As a veterinary health care provider, it is important for me to share my experience and knowledge with pet lovers all over the world. Out Impact has given me the venue to help the LGBT community via the written word. We have now upped the ante with Out Impact Radio, which permits Bambi and I to discuss pertinent pet and people health issues. I look forward to working with Bambi and Out Impact for years to come."

"Bambi was one of the first accounts I worked with at Sprout Social. During our demos she always asked thoughtful questions and displayed a demonstrated knowledge of social media. She was always on top of it, and her attention to detail made it fun to spend extra time with her exploring how to best utilize Sprout Social for her multiple businesses, especially since we both appreciate pro wrestling! I'm looking forward to seeing her continued success in the future."

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Bambi Weavil a few months ago for Feministing.com. Bambi does tremendous work as the CEO/Publisher for Out Impact, Inc. If you haven't checked out the very important work Out Impact does for LGBTQ issues, do it now."