"Bambi is one of the most professional people I've had the opportunity to work with. She is a master at keeping track of and working on multiple projects and everyone involved. I am currently working on a project with her, and would certainly work with her again in the future."

"Working with Bambi this past summer has been a pleasant experience as I have learned many different ways of researching and communicating from her expertise in the marketing area. She leaves no stone unturned in her parent outreach and is never afraid to bring her advice to the table. Bambi has a need for perfection in all of her work and shows it through website development, school write-ups, and client acquisition. In addition to all the work she does in the office, Bambi travels to all the schools dealing with television media, acting as the liaison to the corporate office. Any company would be lucky to have Bambi on their team. Thanks for everything you've taught me!"

"I had the great pleasure of working with Bambi in her role with Met Schools on a performance improvement initiative to improve enrollment management systems. I found Bambi to be responsive, open minded, goal-oriented and practical. She has a fantastic attitude, and showed great leadership in implementing ideas and changes that made a real impact for the business. I'd highly recommend her and love to work with her again."

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bambi. She is a highly creative and motivated professional. I've worked with Bambi over the past year planning a high profile/large conference. Her out of the box thinking combined with her expertise in social media marketing makes her a vital asset to Metschools (or anyone who has the pleasure of working with her on an event)! I look forward to working with Bambi on many events"

"Bambi's knowledge and skills in the areas of marketing and communications are second to none. Her level of expertise in outreach, social media, and marketing are noteworthy of praise and recognition. She has been an incredible resource and support in managing social media platforms, as well as creating ad campaigns. Further, she is very enthusiastic about her work!"

"I have had and continue to have amazing experiences working with Bambi. I am new to using social media as a tool for growing business and connections. Bambi has been patient while teaching me the ropes. She is extremely creative and innovative; she always has good feedback for moving ahead! Bambi is a motivated individual within her trade and her personal passions. It is a phenomenal combination. I know I will continue to learn from Bambi."